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Tom Adair for Texas

Experienced Democratic Candidate for Texas House District 67

I’m running to be the Democratic nominee and the next representative in Texas House District 67 because the election next year will shape our community and determine the type of state Texas will be for at least the next generation.

Will we help those who cannot help themselves? Will we ensure that everyone has access to the healthcare they need and thereby lower costs for everyone? Will we ensure that our public schools are strong? Will we protect homeowners from skyrocketing property taxes? Will we invest in our infrastructure to grow our economy and make our daily lives easier? Will we do our part to stop climate change? And will we honor our commitments to our teachers, firemen, policemen, and other public servants?

If elected, I pledge to work together with you and my colleagues to address these challenges and to effect real and meaningful change. Together, we can accomplish great things for our community and our state.

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I wholeheartedly support Tom Adair for Texas House District 67 because our state needs leaders and lawmakers who are well-informed, thoughtful, and inclined to keep the best interests of their State and constituents at the forefront of their policies. Tom is that type of leader: deeply knowledgeable, totally selfless, and simultaneously passionate and level-headed. In this day and age of divisive politics, it is going to take a steady, collaborative, powerful voice like Tom’s to get things done. Talk to Tom for ten minutes and you’ll realize he’s the candidate you’ve been waiting for. William J. Moore

Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Tom has been a friend for 10 years. I can vouch for his integrity and his willingness to always hear from all sides to make up his mind on an issue.

Alex Andrade

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