Meet Tom Adair

Tom Adair is an attorney and a former congressional aide who is running to be the next representative in Texas House District 67 because he is passionate about improving the lives of ALL Texans through effective public policy in the Texas Legislature.

Biography 1

As the child of a public–school teacher and a lawyer, Tom grew up with an appreciation for the importance of strong public schools and the value of hard work. After receiving his bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth College, Tom went to work in a congressional office on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. He began as a caseworker helping to solve individual problems constituents had with the federal government. After a short time, Tom began taking on responsibilities as a legislative aide, which involved solving problems through legislation and administrative action. In particular, Tom handled transportation, agricultural, environmental, tax, judicial, and trade matters. Tom was one of the few congressional staffers involved in the conference committee that put together the final version of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act that was enacted following 9/11.

Motivated by his public policy interests and work on Capitol Hill, Tom left Washington, DC to attend law school at The University of Texas School of Law. In addition to his legal studies, Tom served as a teaching assistant, mentor, research assistant, journal staffer, and in the law school theatrical productions.

After graduating with honors in 2005, Tom began practicing law in North Texas. Tom’s practice focuses on business disputes and other business matters. Tom has represented clients of all sizes from Fortune 10 companies to small businesses and individuals across a wide range of industries.

In recent years, Tom has grown alarmed by the polarization and division in our community, our state, and our country. Recognizing that what we share as Texans is much greater than what divides us, Tom began volunteering with organizations and political campaigns throughout Collin and Dallas Counties. As part of this work, Tom knocked on countless doors in the community where he has listened to the concerns of voters and learned about the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Tom is now running to be the next representative in Texas House District 67 because Texas faces significant challenges that jeopardize the potential of our great state and which the legislature has failed to address. Tom looks forward to talking with the voters throughout this campaign regarding the issues that matter so that he can most effectively serve them in Austin by solving problems including addressing the healthcare crisis in this state, permanently shoring up and strengthening our public education system, addressing housing and property tax concerns, doing our part to address climate change, living up to the commitments this state made to our teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and other civil servants, and ensuring the security and potential of all Texans.